The only container you can move from  or around a site without a tractor trailer

flat pack storage container for sale! portable storage containers flat packed!

Quick and easy assembly + disassembly

The only container you can move from or around a site without a tractor trailer!
The containers save space when not in use, standing only 12" high when disassembled.

Move many containers at a time with a small truck or trailerThese containers are easy to load and unload, making them perfect to deploy at a construction site, or any site that needs temporary, secure storage, including business overflow inventory storage, rescue or disaster sites, school utility storage, seasonal storage, and more.
Move many containers at a time with a small truck or trailer.

Shipping Containers  v.  Our Containers

Shipping Containers v. Our Containers

If you need a shipping container, consider ours, instead

Shipping Containers are airtight for use at sea but they suffer from condensation, no air movement and musty air. Our containers are naturally ventilated so do not suffer from condensation or damp.
Shipping containers are only delivered as an assembled unit, ours are stackable; up to 36 units on a flatbed, plus each panel can be manually offloaded by hand.

So Many Uses

So Many Uses

There is no limit to what these do

use it as a pop-up store
use it as a shed
Use these containers inside a gym to store equipment

Use these containers inside a gym to store equipment, use it as a pop-up store, use it as a shed...

Sorry! We are not able to deliver to Virginia at this time.

What can you do with our containers?

Well, just take a look...

What can you do with our containers

Construction - The Best Job Site Buddy

Whether you need to store your tools or materials, these are the answer to your job site, and way more practical than an overseas container. Our units have the ability to be moved by any machine that has forks, which means it can easily be placed where you need it, when you need it. This eliminates the issues of having a stationary overseas container on your site for months, providing easier access to your job site and overall efficiency for your crews
Use these for any storage on the site, from tools to chemicals, to spares and building materials.
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Inventory Management

Business - So Many Uses

Easily set up one of our containers when needed. Whether your business experiences seasonal inventory surges, or requires year round storage, the ability to easily build and move these containers makes them valuable assets.
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Landscapers - Perfect for Every Season

FLAT-PACK containers can act as the perfect solution to your seasonal equipment needs. During the winter season, use these containers to store all your snow gear and bags of salt at your large properties for easy access for the employees. During the summer season, these can easily be delivered to sit on your projects, and assure that your tools are safe and on site while always keeping the job site clean.
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Municipalities - Every department needs at least one!

Schools can use these easily, inside or out. The panels can be walked through the hallways and assembled wherever they could be used. Use them for athletic equipment, general supplies, cafeteria supplies, secure document or record storage, even as small office spaces or as popup tickets or a break stand.
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Incident Management - Easy to deploy - Ready when you need it!

When a disaster or emergency strikes, you need to be ready to respond, sometimes for days or even months. Our containers feature high visibility, critical in smoky or difficult areas, as well as the ability to quickly and easily get them as close to the action as desired, and to move them out of harm's way if needed.
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Easy to deploy - Ready when you need it, and as long as you need it

Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities - Your Perfect Choice

Whether you offer storage inside or outside (or both), our units will meet your needs. With competitive pricing compared to other products in the self storage building world, our containers are the answer. Simply build them as you need them, and if the demand for storage should decline in your area, move them to a more profitable area quickly and easily.
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Retail - Opportunity knocks!

Don't be locked into classic retail thinking. Our units make the perfect storefront possible anywhere! The unit can be delivered flat or set up - the front hatch and door both lock securely. Our units make great food, coffee, dessert, taco, sushi, or other food service stands.
Why use a tent, when you can set up a brightly colored ticket booth before an event, and then remove the entire structure that same day.
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Homeowners - Our containers will handle your storage needs!

Our containers are a secure, perfect solution for backyard storage. 20 gauge galvanized steel makes our containers completely weatherproof, sturdy and secure. Keep items safely locked away in your backyard utilizing our Elite locking system.
You can trust our containers with your bikes, motorbikes, household furnishings, saddles and tack and more.
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